One Printer, More Applications

With EvoDent™ technology, a wide range of applications can be provided by one printer.
Switching between materials is quick and easy with no mess or waste.
With the constant development of new applications, the printer you purchase today will bring you more profits.
  • Implantology

    The optimized implant guide is the production of accurate drill guide. The results produced by combining material with EvoDent™ technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing implant placement guides.

    Read more applications we offer for implantology: Surgical Guide Gingival Mask Individual Tray
  • Prosthodontics

    EvoDent™ technology offers high fidelity prosthodontic model printers as well as temporary crowns and bridges printing capabilities.

    Read more applications we offer for prosthodontics: Model Crowns & Bridges
  • Orthodontics

    EvoDent™ technology provides many orthodontic device producers for our orthodontists. You can plan the exact location of orthodontic brackets and design the Indirect Bonding Tray. It is possible to easily design and print splints as well.

    Read more applications we offer for orthodontics: Ortho IBT Ortho Rigid Model Ortho
  • Dentures

    EvoDent™ technology allows the residue-free 3D printing material suited for all kinds of purpose. Whenever you need a support structure, a frame or orthodontic devices, just simply design, print and cast.

    Read more applications we offer for dentures: Cast Base

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