• Surgical Guide

    The surgical guide material is biocompatible certified and developed for Implantology.

    Because of the high precision of the implant guide printed by EvoDent™ , it is easy to insert drill sleeves directly , which enables even greater precision during surgery.

    The optimized implant guide is the production of accurate drill guides. The results produced by combining material with EvoDent™  technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing implant placement guides.

  • Gingival Mask

    Flexibility in printing model parts

    The material is a flexible material that can be used in combination with the model material. It is possible to print dental results of the model that need a certain flexibility.

    Gingival Mask is used to create flexible gingival masks for use in combination with 3D printed dental models, simulating the flexibility of the patient's gums in order to adjust dental prostheses properly. 

  • Individual Tray

    The material is designed to print individual impression trays. The material distinguished itself because of the high printing speed and accuracy. It can finish the complex trays in a matter of minutes.

    The printed trays are rigid and suitable for all types of impression material, making high-quality, high-precision impression possible.

Shanghai Union Technology Corporation

Contact Sales:+86 021 6497 8786

Shanghai Union Technology Corporation

Contact Sales:+86 021 6497 8786