Diversified Dental Specialty Materials

C&B-Crown & Bridges Resin A2

  • High flexural strength and resistance.
  • Very low water absorption.
  • Biocompatible, FDA&CE-compliant.

Material Introduction

EvoDent C&B Crown & Bridges Resin A2 is a biocompatible resin specifically designed for crowns and bridges. The strength of the material is derived from a well-balanced combination of inorganic fillers and resin. It is easy to finish and polish, and can be stained using various composite staining kits. With the ideal balance between opacity and translucency, the printed crown seamlessly blends with existing teeth. It is available in colors A1, A2, B1, and B2.

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Parameter Table

Testing Method Testing Items Value
GB/T 1040.1-2006 Tensile Strength 55-75 MPa
GB/T 1040.1-2006 Elongation at Break 5-10 %
GB/T2411-2008 Shore Hardness 82-87 D
GB1042-79 Bending Strength 100-115
GB1042-79 Modulus of Bending 2800-3200
DMA, tanθ peak Glass Transition Temperature 110-125 C
GB1634-79 Deformation ofheat / 0.45MPa 60-70 C
Performance Printing Parameter
Energy of Light 405 nm, 6 mW/cm2
Exposure Time 3 s
Printing Temperature 25±3 ℃
Humidity ≤50%
Resin Viscosity 250-350 cps@ 25℃
Resin Density 1.096 g/cm3

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