Diversified Dental Specialty Materials

Dental Cast

  • Excellent casting result without residue after casting.
  • High precision.
  • Cost- effective.

Material Introduction

Dental Cast resin is a highly precise material designed for casting, pressing crowns/bridges, and RPDs. Thoroughly tested by dental technicians, it ensures precise, sealed margins and reliable casting with a clean burnout. The printed patterns are robust enough to handle without requiring post-cure, facilitating a faster and simpler workflow.

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Parameter Table

Testing Method Testing ItemsValue
GB/T1040.1-2006Tensile strength       
30-40 MPa
Elongation at break  3.5~6.5 %
Shore Hardness 80-85 D
Performance Printing Parameter
Energy of Light405 nm, 6\8 mW/cm2
Exposure Time 4.0 s
Printing Temperature25±3 ℃

Resin Viscosity
230 cps@25℃

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