Denture Base Resin

  • Biocompatible, FDA&CE-compliant.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.

Material Introduction

EvoDent Denture Base is a biocompatible resin designed for printing all types of removable denture bases. It possesses excellent mechanical properties comparable to traditional denture base materials.

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Parameter Table

Testing Method Testing Items Value
Testing Method Tensile Strength 65~80 MPa
GB/T1040.1-2006 Elongation at Break 6~12 %
GB/T1040.1-2006 Contilever \ Notched \ Impact strength 15-30 J/m
GB/T 1843-2008 Shore Hardness 85-90 D
GB/T2411-2008 Glass Transition Temperature 120~140 ℃
Performance Printing Parameter Value
Energy of Light 405 nm, 6 mW/cm2
Exposure Time 3.2 s
Printing Temperature 25±3 ℃
Humidity ≤50%
Resin Viscosity 450-550 cps@30℃

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