S300+: The Next Generation of Dental 3D Printer

High-performance DLP technology for all dental printing needs

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  • Vertical Adjustment of the Optical System

  • Automatic Aberration Correction

  • Automatic Uniformity Correction

  • Automatic Hole Avoidance Measurement

  • Automatic Straightening

  • Self-Researched Power Correction

  • Industrial-grade Optical System - An Upgrade of Precision

    Features an integrated industrial-grade 4K optical system with a sweeping precision of up to 65 μm, the optical structure of S300+ is designed to meet ultra-high-precision printing requirements.

  • Large Build Volume Design - An Upgrade of Efficiency

    Boasting a spacious build volume of 250 x 140 x 240 mm, the S300+ can print a high production of half-arch dental models simultaneously, achieving a printing speed of up to 60 mm/h. Impressively, it can complete 200 half-arch models in just one day.

  • Semi-Automatic Correction - An Upgrade of Quality

    The S300+ is equipped with a semi-automatic power correction design, efficiently minimizing distortion during the printing process and effortlessly achieving high-quality surface printing.

Technical Parameter
Print Format
250 × 140 × 240 mm
Pixel Size
65 μm
3840 x 2160 px
Resin Vat
Replaceable slot
Layer Thickness
0.05-0.1 mm, supported for adaptive layering
405 nm
Printing Speed
60 mm/h
Data Transmission Method
USB / Ethernet / Wi-Fi
Light Source Type
Overall Dimensions
600 × 510 × 1450 mm
Net Weight
122 kg

3D Printing Digital Solution
for Dental Outpatient Clinic

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